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QCNY: Final Standings – And Then There Were 16

And here are the final scores for the Quiz Cup of New York, Season 2! Congrats to the 16 teams that made it into the final: you’ve punched your ticket to the Bell House this Saturday! Invite some friends to cheer you along! (They can play along with you, and win prizes as well! We have tons of sponsors, and we’re looking to add a few more before the weekend.)

We’re still learning, but this season’s league went spectacularly well, and the Grand Final on Saturday is going to be a TON of fun. The finalists will be playing for big cash & prizes, of course, but even the spectators will get lots of opportunities to win, both between rounds and during the quiz itself. Between that, and a live show by Sprocket, it’s going to be a great time, and we’d love to have you there!

Alright. Here’s your finalists. Congrats to Wingardium Triviosa, who snuck in with a late win on Wednesday at Slainte! And if you’re not on a Top 16 team, come watch the action live at the Bell House this Saturday! We expect the night to sell out, so get your tickets early!


QCNY Recap, Week 3: This Plot Is THICK


This week, the top two places flip-flop, but with the top 7 places within 25 points of the lead, things are going to change in the next few weeks, a lot. Four teams have won their night all three weeks, and four different teams moved up three places this week from last week, which, well, check it out.

Remember, the top 16 teams make it to the Grand Final on Saturday, April 30 at the Bell House. We highly recommend you bring a cheering section, as there will be prizes for the rest of the audience as well as the big stuff for you players.

This week, we’ll be celebrating World Water Day, Tuesday May, 22, with a week of water-themed audio rounds. (Every night is different, but the theme is the same.) Find out how you can help raise awareness and help millions of people get access to drinking water at the World Water Day site.

If you post pics of you out quizzing, please do tag us on the twitters, the instagrams and the facebooks, and the tag #QuizCupNY is good to find out what else is going down as well.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

QCNY, Week 2 Recap: Movement At The Top


Week202-ScoresWeek Two in the books, and there’s been a decent amount of movement through the ranks this week. A few teams played multiple times during the week to try and gain an advantage, with some success, but the top two teams, who are separated by less than a point at the quarter pole, played at their usual venues and did just fine. (The top seven teams all played at different venues this week, although Dempsey’s, Whole Foods and Brookfield Place are shaping up to be where the top players get their game on against the best of everyone. (And tiny B61 in Carroll Gardens is punching above their weight this go-round. Well done, you guys.)

One little secret about each week’s audio rounds, if you hadn’t caught on: The audio theme is the same for the entire week, but every day is different. That’s more work for us, but we don’t mind. Last week’s theme, “Slowed Down Hits of the 2000s,” brought some rather high scores. (This week: How well do you know Broadway?)

There a lot of extra interest online about QCNY, and we’re looking to help you take advantage of it. If you post pics of you out quizzing, please do tag us on the twitters, the instagrams and the facebooks, and the tag #QuizCupNY is good to find out what else is going down as well.

Thanks, and quiz on, rock stars.

QCNY, Week 1 Recap: We’re off & running!

Week201-ScoresAnd we’re off! Our last of the QCNY signups have registered, and we’ve got a solid quorum of teams. It’s really good to see a wide array of venues representing this time around. Looking forward to getting to know everyone, whether they’re returning or not. We really are learning so much as we go. (Follow the hashtag #QuizCupNY for more constant updates & photos.)

Couple of notes:

Our final official tally is 29 teams for this go-round. That’s a lovely number. Once we work out the playoff details, which should happen within this week, we’ll be able to work out the playoff cutoff for the Grand Final on Saturday, April 30.

(One note: If your team name has an asterisk (*) beside it in this table, please contact us.)

  • Remember, a perfect score (as a percentage of a perfect score on the night you play) is 100 points, plus up to 10 points’ bonus, depending on how well you do against the rest of the teams at your venue.
  • Nine venues hosted QCNY teams this week, which means there are lots of open venues for enterprising players. And the top six teams all got their scores at different venues. It pays to have a look around.
  • Keep an eye on the Cumulative Bonus Points column. You get points for beating the teams where you play, as well as just getting lots of questions right. (That’s also our first tiebreaker.)
  • Last season’s champions, Trivia Life 2, sit in second, while last season’s highest scorers during the regular season, This Time It’s Personal, sit in 3rd.
  • A few teams have come to play more than one night per week, in an attempt to get a higher score. This is entirely fine, although you’re not allowed to play more than once in any given night. (Don’t let us catch you doing this. Seriously.)

We’re still corralling sponsors, so watch this space, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. There’s a lot more coming, and soon. We’re so very happy you’re along for this go-round.

The Quiz Cup of New York Starts Next Week, And You Need To Be In It

QCNY Logo V4 (white bg)If you’re new to quizzing with TriviaNYC, welcome! Grab a drink, feel free to sit on the good sofa, and say hi to your new friends. They’re all around you. We have some crazy events in the pipeline, and we’re happy to share them with you. Dig it.

If you’re even slightly familiar with our jams, then you’re familiar with the Quiz Cup of New York, a city-wide competition to find the best trivia team in New York. You should play this. Here’s why:

  • Second place is $200, plus a prize pack courtesy of American Geode and Brooklyn Brazilian Ju Jitsu.
  • Third place gets a prize pack valued at $200 from The Astoria Bookshop and NewsMeister.
  • All participants will get a sweet goodie bag of sponsor prizes.

The action begins the week of February 28, 2016, and runs for eight weeks, with the grand final happening on Saturday, April 30. Teams can have up to six players, and there’s going to be a ton of special events happening throughout the QCNY season for subscribers only.

You play by coming to any one of our regular TriviaNYC events, and playing as you normally do. You not only get to play on the day, but you also get QCNY points, which count toward your total. We’ll be posting the results daily online, and you can play more than once a week if you like. (Only your best score every week counts.) The full rules are here.

The eight-week season is just $50 for the whole team. You read that right.

When we’re doing this at Giants Stadium in a few years, you’ll be able to wear your QCNY ’16 swag with cooler-than-thou pride. Come join us!

Sign up for QCNY here!

NOTE: TCONA prize includes hotel & free registrations for four people. At the moment, airfare is not included; this may change. All other prizes may eventually be larger upon receipt, depending on further sponsorship.